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What's a Wine Sign?

Wine Signs are personal profiles assigned to certain wine grapes based on their characteristics including dryness, taste, and mixability. The Wine Fate team has developed an assessment 3 years in the making built to reveal your inner Wine Sign. Discover your Wine Sign by taking our free online assessment.

Help us reach our goal

Our goal is to help 100 people discover their Wine Sign. So far, 90 people have moved the needle by taking our online assessment. You can help support Wine Fate by taking the Wine Sign assessment and sharing your results with your friends.

The Wine Fate cards are based on one of nature’s greatest gifts, Vitis Vinifera, the main species of grapes that create wine. Each card features a different grape that has its own unique flavor properties, growing preferences, characteristics, blending affinities, and historical significance. They can be used to select a bottle to drink, increase your practical wine knowledge, and to offer personal insight. Learn more about Wine Fate Cards.
New to wine? Read about Winefate's unique blend of stories, history, and science at our blog.View blog posts here.

Event Hosting

Host a wine party like none other!
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A Wine Fate occasion brings a greater understanding of the grapes that make our favorite wines in an educational, creative, easy-to-understand, and fun style! Find out why Merlot is the friendliest wine, how Zinfandel can be considered a maverick party grape, or how Sauvignon Blanc could be bringing you energy. Your guests will increase their wine knowledge, gain new perspectives about what is happening in their lives, and learn about each other all through the power of wine.

Great for
  • Home parties
  • Special events for restaurants, wineries, and businesses
  • Wine clubs and wine festivals
  • Corporate team building
  • Retail staff education

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