Welcome to Wine Fate

There’s more to wine than what meets the lips.

 “Wine brings to life the hidden secrets of the soul…”

 …wrote the Roman lyric poet Horace over 2,000 years ago. The ancient Greeks believed that the gods gave wine to humanity to bring us closer to them and to each other, as well as give us insights to ourselves. This is something the modern wine lover has lost touch with. Wine is more than something to sip with friends, to enhance a meal, to use to impress, or voraciously collect. After years of study and working in the wine world, wine grapes’ magical secrets have been, and continue to be, revealed to me. These aspects, along with the history of wine and grapes, the myths and lore, food pairings, and maybe a wine review here and there, is what Wine Fate will share. 

Everyone is welcome at the party.

It doesn’t matter how you’ve come to the world of wine, what wines you drink, what price you pay for the bottle, whether you know a Merlot from a Sangiovese. Very few of us came to wine understanding and appreciating the complexities of a Bordeaux or aged Champagne, or being aware of the wine regions of Italy, Germany or Spain (to name a few). Most of us started our wine journey with glass of something sweet or a white Zinfandel. I admit that cheap, fizzy, mass produced Moscato’s were my introduction. And if those wines are preferred, it still doesn’t matter. Although evidence of deliberate production of wine can be traced back over 8,000 years, wine is actually much, much older than that. Different types- sweet or dry, effervescent or still, heavy bodied or light, red or white- have gone in and out of favor during this time. A grape or wine type that is sneered at now was once the wine sought out and valued and vice versa. So drink what you like, not what anyone says you should.

You don’t even have to be a wine drinker. Wine Fate is about the grapes that make wine, and grapes can be eaten, admired for their beauty, or the juice sipped before it is allowed to ferment and become alcoholic.

And like anything magical, wine needs to be enjoyed with care and respect.

 Even the ancient Greeks advocated moderation in their consumption.

Uncork your destiny!

Join me and Wine Fate to explore these secrets, and humanity’s deep association with wine.

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