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Our goal is to help 100 people discover their Wine Sign. So far, 90 people have moved the needle by taking our online assessment. You can help support Wine Fate by taking the Wine Sign assessment and sharing your results with your friends.



Please respond with how often each of the following statements applies to you, or how often you agree with the statement. The wine bottles below correspond vertically to the responses at the top of table:

Almost Always
Almost Never
There are 24 questions, and after hitting submit, a report will be generated outlining which wine grape(s) embody your personality.

1. I assert myself
2. I am developing my talents
3. I am energetic and/or enthusiastic
4. I try to make others laugh
5. I am independent
6. I seek adventure
7. Loyalty is important
8. I am spiritual
9. I try to improve my social standing
10. I am unpredictable
11. I enjoy working with others
12. I expect credit for my contributions
13. I break the rules
14. I am considered unusual
15. I celebrate events
16. I dress stylishly
17. Rules are necessary
18. My opinions are unchangeable
19. I am creating things
20. I enjoy being challenged
21. I like attention
22. I am content
23. I interact with mystical and magical ideas
24. I am comfortable in new settings

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