Wine Fate Forecast Week of 12/2/18

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Each week Wine Fate provides a forecast to help you navigate the days ahead

 It appears that creativity is taking a back seat right now. There is so much potential here, but something seems to be holding you back. Insecurity? Lack of faith? Listening to the negative voices in your head? Or possibly coasting for a moment and enjoying past achievements? Whatever is causing the lull it will soon be time to charge on. If its a lack of confidence, work on trusting your instincts and ignoring negative critique. If you’re just having a rest period, us it to its fullest for re-charging potential then take steps into new territory. Its time to break out and stretch your wings. Identify abilities that don’t get much use and give them a workout. Your own path is far more interesting than following someone else. Remember to look for ways to lighten situations and enjoy the funny, offbeat moments coming your way.