Wine Fate Forecast Week of 11/25/18

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Each week Wine Fate provides a forecast to help navigate the days ahead

Wine Fate hopes everyone had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

Interesting cards this week as we begin the swing into the holiday season. The first is the blessing card of Terroir, which tells us to value that which grounds us. The holidays can be a blessed time, but often it is also a ‘stress-ed’ time. Nurture where you have stability and use this to keep you steady when the holiday madness and too often sadness can be overwhelming. Place a thick, wispy cloud around the people or situations that are difficult and when crazy-town gets too close,  see it as absurdity and gently, even lovingly, push it away. Cabernet gives power and protection. This may be a new concept or you’ve been working with it for a while, you can chose how things will transpire…but though you can have great force, aim to act with gentleness. Remember to reciprocate any support you have to those who provide it to you and those around you who need it. If balance seems boring, remember there is a lot of freedom when you disengage from minor battles.