Wine Fate Forecast Week of 10/28/18

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Each week Wine Fate provides a forecast to help navigate the days ahead…

You probably have every reason and right to be defiant right now. Are you being neglected or not given deserved credit?  Take stock of your worth and lay low for a bit. Pushing back at this moment may lead to problems. If a confrontation cannot be avoided, use as much tact and charm as possible. There are more positives going for you than negatives, but the goal is come out on top and have everyone else feel that way too. But these two cards together also signal it may be time to get to the point and if someone or something is in the way or causing problems, you may need to deal with them directly and let them know that though you find being agreeable, sensible, and cheerful the best route, you don’t need an entourage, have an edge, and know how to use it.


 This week’s featured wines Eight Years In The Dessert Zinfandel and Trivento Malbec