Wine Fate Forecast Week of 10/14/18

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Each week Wine Fate provides a forecast to help you navigate the days ahead

Break the bonds of traditional, boring methods to get what you are after. Admit it, the old ways were starting to bore you. Were they really doing you that much good anyway?  These two grapes don’t think so. Take a deep breath and go out on a limb!  But be ready. You might be comfortable in the niche you’ve carved out and allowing your more whimsical or outlandish side could bring unexpected attention…which you know you’ll love. Just don’t lay all your cards on the table. This different side of you may be treated with skepticism…ignore it. Cultivate a little swagger. This could be the beginning of a whole array of opportunities that have the great possibility of going long term. But in the whirlwind of what could be coming, don’t forget gratitude to any and all who have helped, encouraged, or just served you coffee and to return these efforts in kind.