Have a wine event like no one elses!  A Wine Fate occasion brings a whole new level of understanding of the grapes that make our favorite wines that is educational, creative, easy-to-understand, and fun!  Find out why Merlot is the friendliest wine, how Zinfandel can be considered a maverick party grape, or how Sauvignon Blanc could be bringing you energy. The guests will increase their wine knowledge, get insights about what is happening in their lives, and learn about  each other all through the magic of wine. An event would include:

  • A guided wine tasting. Each wine would be discussed in the traditional way AND how the grapes can enlighten our lives.
  • Bonus: Each guest would get a reading from the Wine Fate cards

And we are happy to help you every step of the way including wine selection and food pairings.

Great for:

  • Home Parties
  • Special events for restaurants, wineries and businesses
  • Corporate team building
  • Wine clubs, wine festivals and events
  • Retail staff education (Your staff can be on the cutting edge of wine selection assistance!)

ORWine Gypsy available!      

Perhaps you’d just like to have someone to tell your guests’ fortunes based on what the wine grapes have to say. Our wine gypsy will be happy to attend and give your guests live, personalized readings of the Wine Fate Oracle Cards.


Interested?  Go to our contact page or send an email to


Girl with wine and grapes