“Wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul…” Horace

Humankind has been drinking wine for thousands of years. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that wine was a gift giving us greater connection to the gods and to each other, providing insights to our true nature and the energies around us.

I do too.

However, their methods of accessing this connection through ecstatic dancing, orgies, and eating raw animal flesh (to name a few) isn’t exactly convenient these days and probably illegal in most states.  So I set out to find a way to get this connection in a more genteel manner.

Find out more about Wine Fate Cards
Find out more about Wine Fate Cards

After intense study, working in the wine profession and of course as much sampling as possible, I created a way to unlock the secrets that this ages old beverage has to share with us with the Wine Fate Cards. These 24 cards tap into the unique characteristics of individual wine grapes and their historical happenstance. Place them in a simple configuration and read the insights they share. You’ll learn about yourself, your fate, and of course, about wine.  

It’s like tarot cards except you don’t have to think so hard. 

Wine wisdom is for anyone, at any time, so drinking wine isn’t necessary- although it can enhance the experience. It’s even more fun and enlightening when you share it with friends.

No animals will be hurt, but dancing is encouraged.