Learn about wine, learn about yourself.







 How? With the Wine Fate Fortune Telling Cards.

24 cards, each representing a grape or wine aspect, that can be read like tarot cards. Wine Fate takes the unique characteristics of the grapes that make wine  and uses them to help us reveal our personalities and get an idea of what may be in store for us. It’s a unique, fun new way to share wine with your friends, increase your oenological (from the Greek oinos meaning wine) knowledge and get a glimpse of your future.

Uncork Your Destiny!

Good fortune, love, success, difficulties, what wine to have with dinner, and so much more…

Find out what the Wine Fate Fortune Telling Cards  can tell you.

Every week a two card reading will be provided in Forecasts to give you insights to what is happening in your life.

AND, so you can do readings for yourself and your friends…

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$29.99 (Includes tax and shipping)